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The Peace Bridge

Just a short walk from the Guildhall and the City’s famous 400-year-old Walls, the Peace Bridge is a visual treat and a vital stop on any Derry~Londonderry and Northern Ireland travel itinerary.

Since its launch in 2011 the Peace Bridge has become an integral part of the City’s infrastructure and is held in high regard by locals and visitors alike for its stunning physical beauty and in equal measures for the symbolic story it represents.

The elegant snaking curves of the cycle and foot bridge tell a story of triumph over adversity and is a symbol of peace; connecting the two sides of the River Foyle.

It has become a Walled City icon since its inception and is the backdrop to many of the City’s world-famous festivals.

Take a dander over the Peace Bridge to access Ebrington Square, which is a former Army Barracks that has been transformed into a stunning public space for open-air events, art exhibitions and music spectacles.

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